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Making a Plan for Voting Day: A Memorable Trip to the Polls with My Triplets

Voting is not only a fundamental right but a responsibility that shapes the future for our children. In 2012, I felt it was important to vote, so I had to bring my three-year-old triplets with me to the polling station. Since the polling locations close at 6 PM in Indiana, which happened to be the earliest time in the country, I found myself with no other option but to bring my kids along. Working until 5 PM made it quite challenging. I knew it would be a bit hectic, having to pick them up from daycare, get them into the car, and reach my polling location before 6 PM.

To my surprise, my kids were incredibly excited about "going to vote." They appeared unusually cooperative, which put me at ease. Little did I know that they had misunderstood my words and thought I said, "we were going on a boat."

As we arrived at the polling location, chaos ensued. My triplets began crying and throwing tantrums, making it quite a challenging situation. Now if I were in New York, where polls remain open until 9 PM, I would have had ample time to return home, attend to the children's needs, and have my husband supervise them while I cast my vote. Similarly, 22 states accommodate working individuals by keeping polls open until 8 PM. But until Indiana updates its polling hours, it's important for Hoosiers to have a well-devised plan for voting day, especially if you're a caregiver of young children or have non-traditional work hours. Your plan can be as simple as making sure you pack snacks and activities, making alternative childcare arrangements, or checking with your employer about policies that may enable you to leave during the workday and vote.

Voting is not just a personal duty; it is about shaping the future for my children. So, I'll always make a plan. As my triplets are now teenagers, they could watch themselves while I go to vote. But I still think it's important to bring them along with me because democracy is not a spectator sport and I want them to be in the habit of voting in every election.

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